What Big Trigger Is:

Group buy and "deal of the day" websites are a popular means of connecting buyers and sellers. Buyers get to save on things they need, while vendors are able to break through the noise to present their products/services to buyers who might never otherwise buy.  BigTrigger.com is a group buying site specially built for PHOTOGRAPHERS. Be it software, templates, print or canvas media, photo novelties, digital editing, even camera repair - if it's photographic, it's on BigTrigger.com.

Big Trigger offers group buying deals. An offered deal goes live, or is 'triggered' when a certain number of buyers express interest. Once that happens, the deal or "big trigger" is open for all to buy. But take note: the deal is available only for a limited time. Once a triggered deal closes, who knows if or when it will ever be available again!

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Why Photographers Love Big Trigger:

When a person runs their own studio, they know that every outgoing dollar effects the bottom line.  When a photographer spends company money, it's usually THEIR money.  Big Trigger makes available huge savings on deals through trusted photo industry vendors, saving buyers money.  Photographers subscribe to the deal alerts, and "pull the trigger" on deals that make sense for their studio.  When something is easy to use, and saves money, photographers are down for that.
Big Trigger Testimonial

Why Vendors Love Big Trigger:

Smart vendors know that digital content that goes un-purchased isn't like inventory on the shelves, it's more like un-used hotel rooms.  If a photographer doesn't purchase at regular price, the product goes unsold.  Whether software, actions, templates or other digital products - what is "current" is always changing.  Digital content has a shelf-life.  Big Trigger helps vendors put together offers to maximize sales - and create relationships with photographers who otherwise might never have learned about their products.
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Specialty print providers are in a competitive field.  Marketing costs are a significant cost of doing business.  How to get someone to up and switch from the provider they are familiar with?  Big Trigger helps vendors put together enticing LIMITED TIME offers that motivate photographers to give them a try.  Factoring in regular marketing costs, putting together a Big Trigger deal, even at a small loss, ends up building business cheaper than most other marketing methods.  In addition, because most providers need to maintain certain capacity levels, the extra business gained from an aggressive Big Trigger deal just keeps their existing production busier.

Unlike group buying sites geared to consumers, Big Trigger's goal is to create value for vendors through the relationships created by initial sales, not just for the revenue of the deal itself.  A smart vendor realizes that the value of a potential long-term customer far outweighs what the photographer will spend on the Big Trigger deal.

If you're a photographer, subscribe here.  You'll be kept in the know about ongoing deals, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.

If you're a vendor, consider how much new customers are worth to your business, and tell us here if you'd like reach a larger audience of willing buyers.